Green Futures Initiative

The Green Futures Initiative aims to raise awareness about climate change among Ugandan youth, children, and women

Our Programs

Our Programs

1. Five Million by 2025 Tree Planting Campaign:

Goal: Restore and maintain Uganda’s lost forest cover by planting 5 million trees within a
span of 5 years.

– Progress: Over 8,000 trees planted in Kampala and Wakiso districts.

– Call to Action: Join us and become a part of this transformative effort! Help us plant 800,000
trees this year and partner with us to achieve our target.

2. Climate Education

Green Minds School Program (For schools):

– Goal: Engage, empower, and educate students about climate change.

Join us and be a catalyst for change!

3. Green Futures Fellowship:

  • Virtual fellowship designed for out-of-school youth

4. Storytelling

Climate Post:
– Independent climate reporting platform.
– Showcasing inspiring climate change solutions and unbiased journalism